Our curriculum draws on a rich blend of seven different time-tested learning philosophies. From STEAM to the Reggio Emilia Philosophy and Ohio’s own Olentangy School District Curriculum, your child will enjoy insights and approaches best suited to their unique needs and talents.

Whether you find your child telling a story with puppets in a castle or solving a math problem with a classmate on our Sharp Aquos board, no learning experience needs to be separated from PLAY.

Project work develops based on the interests of the children and lasts anywhere from several days to several months, depending on how long the topic holds the class’s curiosity and delight.

Nature is a wonderful first teacher and it’s the ultimate environment for multisensory learning. Children spend extra time outside moving their bodies, playing and building with our Outlast outdoor block set.

Alignment with Olentangy School District Kindergarten Curriculum prepares our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students to make a smooth transition into local schools when the time comes.



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