About us

The World You’ll Find Inside

Thoughtfully planned spaces filled with natural light, beauty and order that encourage communication, collaboration and discovery.

Our indoor sunshine room and huge outdoor play spaces provide extra room to stretch, move and play whether the weather is cooperating or not!

Nurturing and innovative teachers and caregivers set the tone and provide a secure, consistent and loving environment for all ages. 

Sweet and observant infants will be exposed to simple and interesting materials to engage all of their senses while sign language is used to further support communication.

Fun loving and active toddlers are encouraged in their desire for independence by a team of teachers who are experts at making practical life skills fun and exciting!

Blissfully individualistic preschoolers are supported in their self discovery while their love of creative play is ignited and expanded.

Wild and wonderful 4 and 5 year olds are encouraged in their love of movement and dramatic play while being introduced to the Olentangy School District Kindergarten Curriculum. 

Enthusiastic Kindergarteners are getting a step ahead thanks to our purposeful alignment with Ohio’s own Olentangy School District curriculum and a STEAM immersed classroom without the loss of PLAY.



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